Stars once spoke to man.
It is world destiny that they are silent now
To become aware of this silence can be pain for earth humanity
But in the deepening silence
There grows and ripens what human beings speak to the stars
To become aware of this speaking
Can become strength for Spirit Man.

Willi Sucher

Willi Sucher frequently quoted the above verse, given by Rudolf Steiner, to express this new relationship to the stars.

The Astrosophy Research Center was founded in 1985 by Willi Sucher as a vehicle to maintain, publish, and further develop his work on the new relationship of the human being to the starry cosmos. He called this new star wisdom ASTROSOPHY: Greek – astro = star; sophy = wisdom. His work was inspired by the knowledge imparted by Rudolf Steiner, which was his lifetime study and path of spiritual development. It was developed over many years beginning with his association at a young age with Dr. Elizabeth Vreede, a colleague of Dr. Steiner’s.

For more than 65 years, Willi Sucher strove to understand the full extent of humanity’s relationships to the stars: as individuals, as nations, as human evolution in the widest sense. The “lightning-bolt” that galvanized his intense interest in developing a new vision of the human being’s modern relationship to the stars was a statement by Rudolf Steiner that the asterogram at one’s death is more significant than a birth chart in understanding the significance of an individual life as it affected that individual’s further evolution, as well as the evolution of the cosmos itself. This was a new idea in astrology. Willi combined meticulous mathematical calculations and a fully scientific approach with a personal path of meditation and spiritual development to bring a high level of intuition and inspiration to his work.

He researched events spanning hundreds of years, even millennia, and his discoveries in finding and comprehending our relationships with the stars were many. His books cover many topics: how a person “gives back” to the stars at death, giving many examples of historic biographies; the value of charts for the entire embryological development in relation to later life; the value and interpretation of heliocentric charts, using the elements of the spheres of the planets (nodes and apsides); an understanding of the different roles of the heliocentric and geocentric viewpoints in interpretation.

Central to his entire body of work was his profound work with the event of the incarnation of Christ into the earth and the significance of the events in and around the life of Christ as archetypes for the new future role that the human being will play in relationship to the stars. This new relationship of the human being to the stars, as brother to the beings of the spheres rather than as child who cannot consciously participate in creation, underlies the fundamental core of astrosophy as a new star wisdom to replace the older form known as astrology. He suggested that, “a cosmology or astrology of the future will have to develop methods to help people find the right ways of self-education toward the unfolding of their innate potential.”


In order to make the work of Willi Sucher freely available to all who seek to learn about astrosophy, as he developed it out of anthroposophy, we are now offering downloads of all his books on pdf files at no cost, which can be accessed on the links below. His beginning letters, articles, and lectures are available within the Lectures tab, and the book price now includes shipping in the US, which is equivalent to a 20% discount. In this way the Astrosophy Research Center seeks to work out of the spirit in which Willi Sucher gave this great body of his life’s work.

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