Astrosophy, the new relationship of the human being to the stars, was pioneered by Willi Sucher and is based on the understanding of the world and humanity as represented in the work of Rudolf Steiner, called Anthroposophy.  The chief work of the Astrosophy Research Center is to publish and disseminate the work of Willi Sucher.

For more than 65 years, Willi Sucher strove to understand humanity’s new relationships to the stars.  His work was inspired by anthroposophy, which was his lifetime study and path of spiritual development.  The “lightning-bolt” that galvanized his intense interest in developing a vision of the human being’s new relationship to the stars was a statement by Rudolf Steiner that the asterogram at one’s death is more significant than a birth chart in understanding the significance of an individual life as it affected that individual’s further evolution.  Willi combined meticulous mathematical calculations and a fully scientific approach with a personal path of meditation and spiritual development to bring a high level of intuition and inspiration to his work.  Read more on Willi Sucher Biography >

Writing an essay about Austrian philosopher Rudolf Steiner

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