Kathleen Thompson

Kathleen first encountered astrosophy at the Waldorf teacher training at Rudolf Steiner College (RSC) in 1995 when she, by chance, shared a room with Hazel Straker, an early colleague of Willi Sucher.  Though she studied astrosophy through other pathways, she felt a true connection to astrosophy for the first time in March, 2015, when she decided to investigate the genealogy of astrosophy from Rudolf Steiner to Elizabeth Vreede to Willi Sucher. She then discovered the Astrosophy Research Center and ordered all of Willi Sucher’s books.  Her path had begun and on reading Steiner’s Cosmogony, Freedom, and Altruism”, which was what inspired Willi Sucher originally, she was hooked.  Social healing and change has been a core theme in her life.  She is currently participating in the 3-year Anthroposophic Psychology program in California.  Astrosophy is an essential component for her coaching relationships and especially her work with First Nation peoples in Canada.