Jonathan Hilton

Jonathan first met Willi Sucher in 1976 when a Steiner study group he belonged to in New York City joined another Los Angeles study group in Meadow Vista at Willi’s home for a weekend workshop.  From that first meeting he began to take up Willi’s work, coming to live and study with Willi in Meadow Vista in 1977. Until Willi’s death in 1985, Jonathan had ongoing correspondence study with Willi and participated in other workshops with him in California and in New York City. Jonathan has taught courses and given lectures on astrosophy at various locations, including the New York Branch of the Anthroposophical Society, where he served as Branch President; at the New York Open Center; and at Sunbridge College in Spring Valley, where he worked and taught.  Jonathan recently retired from a career in non-profit management, most recently as Executive Director of a trauma therapy organization in New York City.