Darlys Turner

Darlys met Willi Sucher in 1981, after moving to Meadow Vista, CA in 1977. She initially was invited to his home by Fred Moyer, to assist with various administrative functions and manage book orders. At that time astrosophy associates Veronica Moyer and Hazel Straker were living with  Willi and his wife  Helen. Darlys was invited to join their weekly study and this continued for Darlys every Wednesday morning, until Willi’s death in 1985.  Darlys also provided a home to insure Willi’s work would be cared for and continued after his death. This place became the Astrosophy Research Center which was founded with Willi’s approval on February 27, 1985. Darlys continues to manage all aspects of the Center, including responding to inquiries and ongoing publication and care of Willi’s works.