Practical Approach III


Letters Toward A New Astrosophy

(ISBN 1-888686-06-5) – 284 pages

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“…each incarnation complex of a starry nature is an “individuality” in itself and must be interpreted and handled individually. Nevertheless, the general picture can give us a beginning, and by persistent study and practice one can gradually grow into a kind of perception that comes close to what one may very cautiously call an intuitive awareness. One will then realize the significance of a statement of Rudolf Steiner’s that a true astrology will require the development of the highest spiritual capacities of cognition that we of the present age can possibly attain. One will then also become aware of the sublime nature of a true astrology, which should not be misused for superficial, insincere, and dilettante purposes, but which is a helping hand for profound spiritual research and accomplishment. It is not a “profession” in an ordinary sense; it is a “vocation” of humanity and world significance…”

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