Practical Approach II


Star Journals Two Toward A New Astrosophy

(ISBN 1-888686-05-7) – 202 pages

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“…as we move toward the end of the 20th century, the principal question that must arise is: What is the meaning of past history, both in a personal and in a humanity sense, [as it is] being woven as karma into the present? This is the fundamental question concerning all astrology also. It simply means that we are not designed to live only our small, narrow existence. We live to fulfill tasks that concern the whole Earth and even the cosmos. By constantly battling and making decisions in facing the challenges of existence, we insert ourselves into the greater processes of cosmic evolution. In addition to this, we have reached a point in history where we must learn to formulate and practice the decisions out of our own inner resources of spiritual activity and from a deeper insight than the intellect only.”

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