Living Universe – Studies in Astrosophy

(ISBN 1-888686-03-0) – 196 pages

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“…Precisely herein is the secret of the new relation between ourselves and the world of the stars. Through the very fact of our descent into incarnation, we are indeed connected with the world of the stars, and yet we are no longer absolutely dependent on that world. On the contrary, in our age and in the future, we are called upon to take the world of stars, which as an individual we belong to, with us into our earthly deeds, into our earthly feeling and thinking. The transmutation which then takes place all through our earthly life, if we are a person of spiritual striving, thereby becomes a transmutation not only of ourselves but even of the world of stars.”

“…the truest astrology is that which is able to confront the stars with strong and world-embracing individuality. Then it will no longer be a question of trying to decipher our own personal destiny as written in the stars; but in the strength of our thinking, feeling, and willing, we will be trying to bear our individual share of the destiny and riddle of the stars themselves.”
-Willi Sucher (From “Thoughts on the Future of Astrology)

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