Cosmology Course I

(ISBN 1-888686-08-1) – 183 pages

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The remarkable contents of this booklet were gathered from notes and/or recordings of lectures that Willi Sucher gave as a series of lectures to members of the Anthroposophical Society in 1954-55. They were not revised or edited by Willi, although he added a few clarifications to the lectures from 4 February to 18 February 1955. Even though some of the notes were marked “very incomplete”, they also contain mature insights that students of astrosophy-anthroposophy (or self-knowledge) will find valuable for themselves or in relation to the body of astrosophy as a whole, and they were therefore included.

The first group of lectures is called Cosmology Course. They were interrupted during Christmas 1954 by the group of lectures following these called Christmas and the Cosmic Rhythms. The Christmas group was separated out in an effort to maintain an uninterrupted flow of the subject matter in the cosmology course lectures.

These lectures were given to a group who were well acquainted with anthroposophy and thus are published for the serious student of anthroposophical knowledge. It is therefore presumed that the reader is familiar with the basic books by Rudolf Steiner, as well as the author’s previous publications, which are listed at the end of this

We recognize that the vast work developed by Willi Sucher is a profound leap forward in the current approach to an understanding of the starry world. We publish these lectures in confident trust that greater numbers of people in coming years will recognize his significant contributions, not only in his books, but in the entire body of his research.

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