Cosmic Christianity and the Changing Countenance of Cosmology

(ISBN 0-880-10-369-8) - 220 pages

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“…One of the first books written by Rudolf Steiner was “Knowledge of the Higher Worlds,” and about 12 years before that he published The Philosophy of Spiritual Activity, or The Philosophy of Freedom. His intent with these publications and all the activities that followed was to show ways that would eventually lead to a scientific breakthrough to spiritual perception, to a new awareness of the higher worlds, which are closed to the physical senses. Thus we can rise to new levels of experience and of capacities by which we can master our life on this planet in a constructive and positive fashion. …the significance of the 20th century has been made manifest by Rudolf Steiner’s life-work: a humanity standing at the crossroads of spiritual freedom, a freedom that it must learn to employ in order, in the however distant future, to rise to the ranks of the creative powers of the universe.”

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