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The Difference Between Astrosophy and Astrology

Therefore, the time for casting horoscopes is really past. It will no longer do to ask, what is the influence of the Moon's or the Sun's position at one's birth, or the like. Maybe in one case or another we shall still get answers in this way, but the answers will not have sustaining force. On the contrary, they will take away from us. Yet it is altogether different if we ask this other question: What the position of the Sun or Moon or other planets at or before our birth requires of us by way of independent, self- made earthly deeds and sentiments and thoughts. Unlimited would be the scope of an astrology tending to this kind of self-education. This alone would lift us up to our true cosmic station.

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From Fishes to Water Bearer… becoming human in the Aquarian Age

On February 16th, the Sun enters the astronomical constellation of Aquarius, or the Waterman,  where it journeys until March 12th.   During these weeks, how can we learn to better understand the spiritual realities of this constellation?   Aquarius  is that constellation through which the vernal point will pass during the 6th Cultural Age within the current longer cycle of our 5th Post-Atlantean Epoch.  What then are the signs of the coming 6th Cultural Age?  What is the call for the dawning of the Age of Aquarius and how can humanity prepare for it?

In a lecture given by Rudolf Steiner titled Preparing for the Sixth Epoch [1], he speaks at length of the 6th Cultural Age and of three major characteristics which “should be carried in our hearts… is our task to prepare them.”  He also makes it clear that these characteristics will appear only in that part of humanity which has not “fallen short” of the development necessary to carry evolution forward.

Willi Sucher speaks of this future age in the following way: “The Waterman Age will see the beginning of our being imbued with faculties hitherto in the hands of divine hierarchies. The handling of etheric or life-forces is such an instance. It will place grave responsibilities on us that we will only fulfill if our moral evolution keeps pace with our occult development.

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Jupiter and Mars in Virgin

With this awareness of the actual stars and planets in the sky around us, and in this instance the ability to view them spread out over four of the fixed star constellations of the zodiac, how can we apply the insights of a spiritual scientific astrosophy to gain a deeper understanding of these stars and learn what it means to “speak” to these stars?  Much could be written about Saturn conjunct the fixed star Antares, the heart of the Scorpion, and Venus and Mercury in the Archer (Mercury retrograde in January and therefore in inferior conjunction with the Sun on 1/14), as well as the other planets.  However, in order to keep these articles short, I will focus now on the Virgin with Jupiter just above her head and Mars around her feet.