Cosmic Christianity and the Changing Countenance of Cosmology

cosmic-christianity_lgPreviously two separate books: Changing Countenance includes the origin of occult symbols and historic development of cosmology. Cosmic Christianity contains the heart of Sucher’s new star wisdom, presenting the life of Christ as the archetypal transformer of the relationship of the human being to the stars. More Info »
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Isis Sophia I

isis-sophia_smThis first volume contains 24 monthly astronomical letters, written from April 1944 to March 1946, giving a detailed description of the building up of the human “form” body through the evolution of the planetary spheres. Also discussed are the qualities of the planets as they go through the different constellations of the Zodiac. More Info »
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Isis Sophia II

isis-sophia-2_lgThis second volume further deepens and develops the material with the introduction of the ancient mythologies of the Northern Hemisphere, the Zodiac and stages of cosmic evolution and the origin of the solar system. More Info »
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Isis Sophia III

isis-sophia-3_lgThis volume includes a buildup of our relationship to the stars at the moment of death, with embryology and physiological deformities and the stars, soul life and cosmic rhythms, and the evolution of humanity. More Info »
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Practical Approach I

Practical Approach IThe first of three books containing nine years of monthly periodicals. This volume contains the monthly Star Journals published from August 1965 to May 1968. The first 14 issues were first republished in a booklet called Star Journals in 1986. Also included are perspectives of both the geocentric and heliocentric views and the progression of Saturn through the constellations. More Info »
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Practical Approach II

practical-approach-2_lgThis volume contains the monthly periodicals from June 1968 to October 1970 and includes the progression of Jupiter through the constellations, exploring both the geocentric and heliocentric views, progression of the nodes and apsides of the planets in history, and many historic examples. More Info »
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Practical Approach III

practical-approach-3_lgPart One comprises monthly “letters” from November 1970 to July 1972. The “letters” in Part Two were previously published in the book called Practical Approach Toward a New Astrosophy. This material is essential for research and practical application of planetary influences. More Info »
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Drama of the Universe

the-drama-of-the-universe_lgA basic book on astrosophy in which the foundation of the modern heliocentric approach is developed. The character of the planets is discussed with the fixed stars and their mythologies. Emphasis is given to the correlation between the planets and historic events in nature, among nations, and with individuals. More Info »
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Living Universe – Studies in Astrosophy

living-universe-studies-in-astrosophy_lgPart I were articles written by Willi under the pen name John W. Seeker for The Modern Mystic and Monthly Science Review, in 1937-9. There are many practical examples on how to approach and use astrosophy. The lectures in Part II were given to the Experimental Circle of the Bio-Dynamic Assoc. in England in 1956. They deal with a new approach to the connections between plants and the cosmos. More Info »
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Cosmology Course I

cosmology_course_1_cov_fullThe remarkable contents of this booklet were gathered from notes and/or recordings of lectures that Willi Sucher gave as a series of lectures to members of the Anthroposophical Society in 1954-55. They were not revised or edited by Willi, although he added a few clarifications to the lectures from 4 February to 18 February 1955. Even though some of the notes were marked “very incomplete”, they also contain mature insights that students of astrosophy-anthroposophy (or self-knowledge) will find valuable for themselves or in relation to the body of astrosophy as a whole, and they were therefore included. The first group of lectures is called Cosmology Course. They were interrupted during Christmas 1954 by the group of lectures following these called Christmas and the Cosmic Rhythms. The Christmas group was separated out in an effort to maintain an uninterrupted flow of the subject matter in the cosmology course lectures. More Info »
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