Letter to the General Secretary, 2002

27 August 2002

General Council
Anthroposophical Society in America
1923 Geddes Ave.
Ann Arbor, MI 48104-1797

Dear General Secretary:

As concerned members of the Board of Directors of the Astrosophy Research Center, we are writing to clarify the position of the Astrosophy Research Center with regard to the work of astrosophy. This seems necessary at present due to some recent activities by other practitioners of astrosophy, which have been called to our attention.

The purpose of the Astrosophy Research Center is to develop and maintain the work of Willi Sucher, which he called astrosophy based on the indications given by Rudolf Steiner, through his association with Dr. Elizabeth Vreede, and through his deeply earnest lifetime study of anthroposophy. Willi Sucher founded the Center in February 1984, prior to his death in May 1985, as the vehicle to maintain and continue his work. As the directors of the Center, we recognize that the work of astrosophy must be available to anyone who has a desire to study and work with it. But, as is also true with anthroposophy, individuals may take the content of what has been developed and use it for many purposes that may or may not be true to its fundamental spiritual intent. As an organization devoted to protecting and further researching astrosophy as developed by Willi Sucher, we can be saddened by the use of astrosophy in astrological-type forecasting, which is not true to the purpose of astrosophy, but we also recognize that this is part of the risk when spiritual knowledge is made open and accessible to all.

The Astrosophy Research Center holds that a healthy development of all research and work out of astrosophy, among other core values, must first and foremost promote and serve the freedom of the individual and never serve as a means of directing people in their lives through the use of “star charts” or in any way predicting future life events. Though Willi Sucher did research individual star charts, he never advised people on what choices to make or what directions to take in their lives. Rather, he would present the content of his understanding of the stars in the context of the new Christ impulse brought to the cosmos of the stars at the turning point of time. An individual could then draw their own inspiration for how to develop this Christ impulse within themselves in the context of their own star chart and their own unique biography.

A new astrosophy should in no way draw the human being into an earlier form of spiritual dependence on the external stars or individuals claiming to read the guidance of the stars. Rather, any new developments of astrosophy should work to fulfill the words of the verse given by Rudolf Steiner, “Stars once spoke to man…”, striving to fulfill the task of preparing the human being to “speak to the stars” in order to bring transformation into the cosmic world and to become co-creators with the Christ in human evolution. To this end Willi Sucher devoted his life and work with the stars and this is the continued purpose of the Astrosophy Research Center.

We intend this letter to serve as a formal statement by the Astrosophy Research Center that we neither support nor align our work with any use of astrosophy to serve astrological forecasting or to in any way influence the freedom of the individual. We also stand committed to the principle agreed upon at the Astrosophy Conference held at the Goetheanum in 1978 (which was attended by William Bento, one of the individuals currently using astrosophy in a manner not acceptable by the Research Center) and recorded in the minutes of this conference: “The idea of setting up a ‘practice’ to council and give advice was rejected by those present as not appropriate to our modern age. This does not place a taboo on charts, just that one should not make a business of astrosophy.”
Anyone using the term astrosophy for this kind of work does so independently from the work as developed by Willi Sucher and as maintained by the Astrosophy Research Center.


Board of Directors:

Jonathan Hilton
Hazel Straker
Darlys Turner
Nan Shaw
Patty Kughl

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